Become the independent traveler you’ve always wanted to be.

Are you ready to explore somewhere new, but don’t have the time, energy, or motivation to plan it? Do you get overwhelmed when looking for accommodations or arranging transportation for your travels? Would you like a personal assistant to help you plan a trip? Or do you just want a little extra support in reaching your next Bucket List destination?

Oh, yes? Then I’m the girl for you!

Hi, I’m Hailey and I’m here to get you inspired, get you ready, and get you on your way to your next big adventure as an independent traveler.

And it all starts with ME getting to know YOU, because…

the perfect trip requires the perfect fit.

Tailor-Made Travel Itineraries

I firmly believe that travel itineraries should not come in a pre-packaged box. Each person has his or her own interests, passions, and personality, and not everyone fits in the same suitcase. Every heart is unique, and we experience the world differently through travel. The renewed purpose of Global Heartbeat is to encourage you to travel and to help you travel well.

My passion is to design a travel experience that speaks to your heart and to equip you with a thoughtful travel plan.

And that’s why I’m different than other travel consultants.

I get to know you first before ever looking at the map. I think it’s important to know what kind of person you are in order to get the most out of your travels. For example… you’re not a morning person and you like to eat late? Then Spain is the destination for you. You love memorable hiking adventures? Then summiting El Misti in Peru is a fitting ambition for your next trip. You can’t stand extra large crowds of people? Then you need to rethink your visit to Bangkok’s Grand Palace. You’re an art lover and foodie? Then Paris may just be the city of your dreams.

You see, it’s the little things about us that affect us when we travel, things that bring us joy or things that irritate us to no end. If we don’t know ourselves well, we inadvertently miss opportunities to fully enjoy our vacations, holidays, and adventures.

So, let me help you design a trip that matches who you are, a travel experience that truly speaks to your heart.

How It Works

At this time, I only offer customized travel itineraries, but I promise to make it easy for you to complete all of the necessary bookings and reservations on your own. In just a few, simple steps, you will be on your way to a fantastic travel experience.

Heart to Heart

Step One - We get to know each other!

Planned & Packed

Step Two - I plan; you pack.

Picture Perfect

Step Three - You create photo-worthy memories.

Why Choose Global Heartbeat Travel?

With over a decade of experience as an independent traveler, five years of living abroad, and previous work as a tour guide in Spain and Switzerland, I have both professional and personal practice as an international traveler.

♥︎ I have lived in three different countries and traveled through over 40 around the world – to date.
♥︎ I worked as a trip leader for Global Works Travel, guiding student groups throughout Spain – the hardest but best job ever.
♥︎ I was a city guide in Zurich, where I walked alongside hundreds of people during their travels – literally.
♥︎ I used to travel internationally without a smart phone – if you can believe it.
♥︎ I often read travel books – for fun.
♥︎ I am an influencing partner with Casey Travel, allowing you to book select itineraries – today.

Here is what some travelers have said about working with me:

♥︎ “THANK YOU for helping me organize my thoughts about our trip last week! I was totally panicking (obviously) and really appreciated your guidance. It was a large part of why we just decided to stay put and enjoy Spain/Catalonia instead of trying to cram in too much.” – Leanna H., Austin, TX (31)

♥︎ “Thanks so much for your recommendations for restaurants and things to do on my trips to Spain and Switzerland. It’s always fun to get insider tips from someone who has traveled to so many places.” – Liz S., Dothan, AL (64)

♥︎ “Thank you for making my long weekend in Zurich with my fiancé such a seamless experience! We were able to see so much (and eat so well) in our short time there, and I would rely on your travel expertise anytime I visit a new city! Now time to work off that fondu…” – Jason F., New York, NY (on booking my winter weekend in Zurich package via Casey)

♥︎ “It was so great to have Hailey’s help planning and preparing for our program in Geneva, Switzerland. She offered suggestions, made reservations, and walked me through the daily plans step by step so that the programming ran smoothly. She had the foresight to plan rain activities and thought through all the details. Hailey is an excellent travel resource and we couldn’t have run such a successful program without her.” – Taylor A., Boulder, CO (Staff member at Global Works Travel)

So! Are you ready to leave the office and the piles of laundry far behind?

Don’t put off planning your next well-deserved vacation any longer.
It’s time to hit the road, set sail, or take off with Global Heartbeat Travel!